Welcome To The Prep School

A very warm welcome to our caring community at Badminton School Prep.

We pride ourselves on being kind, thoughtful and courteous individuals who have a real sense of our ‘self’ and our ‘surroundings’. These are two words that you will hear a lot at Badminton as they underpin our ethos and values. We want our girls to know and celebrate who they are, be proud to be an individual and have an understanding and respect for everyone.

To help achieve this we have four Golden Roots.  


Be kind and respect everyone 


Make safe choices 


Believe in yourself 


Work and play well with others 

These four roots are simple and easy to remember and follow. They underpin everything that we do and are the heartbeat of the Prep School. We believe that by following these four Golden Roots we give the girls the foundations to thrive in a global community. 

We are very proud of our history and it always gives me great pleasure to share with the girls how our school was founded as well as to understand how the school moto gives us a feeling of strength and unity. We encourage our girls to be pioneers – to believe in themselves and take risks with their learning. We have recently introduced a club called Wild Pioneers, in which the girls enjoy creating and exploring different concepts from building bridges, considering how we can generate a kinder society to having an appreciation of fine art. Lessons are exciting and engaging, we encourage the girls to be creative and curious in their approach both in and out of the classroom. 

Opportunities for learning go beyond the classroom through our extensive extra curricula programme. This includes a rather unique look to Friday afternoons, where we go off timetable and the girls enjoy activities such as horse riding, cookery, running club, fashion design (and the list goes on!). As well as all the chance to be stimulated academically and creatively (and walk our Prep School dog, Rosie!), our wrap around care (from 7.45am until 5.45pm) ensures that your daughter will be well looked after throughout the school day. 

We encourage an open-door approach and very much encourage parents to be involved in their daughter’s learning. If you are a prospective parent, I would really encourage you to come and see us in person and meet the girls and the team at Badminton School Prep. 

Heidi Welch 

Head of Prep School

Badminton provides the right balance between nurturing, intellectual growth and exploration. This leads to a daughter who is confident and believes students can achieve anything they put their mind to.

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