The Sixth Form Centre

The Sixth Form Centre is home to our oldest Boarders in the Lower and Upper Sixth (age 16-18). Girls are ready for more independence at this age and are starting to prepare for life beyond Badminton.

The modern single or twin study bedrooms, ‘brew rooms’ on every floor, a newly refurbished kitchen, our large newly refurbished communal social area and the laundry room in the Sixth Form Centre help bridge the gap between School and university.

 Weekends for Sixth Form Boarders come with flexibility, freedom and privileges. Sixth Formers may take any weekend off as their Exeat weekend and have ‘meal exeats’ which can be taken either in House with friends or offsite. Every weekend sees a different activity for the girls to get involved and recently these have included pamper evenings and silent discos. As an alternative to staying onsite, girls are permitted to travel to certain areas of Bristol in pairs and for those wishing to see a film, go to the theatre or out for dinner we provide a late bus on Friday and Saturday evenings to ensure that they get home safely.

 Day Girls share the Sixth Form Centre with the Boarders during weekdays and are always welcome at weekends to take part in activities or catch up on some study with their friends. Sixth Form Boarders have unrivalled access to the School facilities after School and at weekends, allowing them the opportunity to access not only educational resources but leisure facilities as well. These include access to the Fitness Suite, Swimming Pool, Art Department and Music Department practice rooms. A Housemistress, two Deputy Housemistresses and two Resident Tutors live in the House giving the girls a sense of community alongside the encouragement, support and guidance which help them to succeed in their final years at Badminton.

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Sixth Form Boarders enjoyed celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival this past Friday. They had a great meal together, some even enjoying moon cakes! #iloveboarding #BSBcommunity

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