Welcome To The Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form’s strength comes from its size and from our university-style teaching methods. The sheer range of subject combinations and interests that girls pursue makes the Sixth Form exciting and its size means that everyone knows each other well.

There is a good influx of new Sixth Formers into the Lower Sixth alongside those who have joined the School in earlier years, and this, together with a mix of Day Girls and Boarders (with flexi-boarding available too) mean that there is no one model of Sixth Former at Badminton.

I love that I get to explore my favourite subjects in more depth

Shivana, Upper Sixth

Teaching works on a university-style tutorial and seminar model. There are groups of up to seven in some subjects, but class sizes of three or four are more usual. Our teachers have come here because they enjoy this interactive, discussion-based method of working. It’s a hugely rewarding way to teach and to learn, and it’s also one of the key reasons why Sixth Formers here are so successful in reaching their chosen universities and succeeding when they are there.

Universities want students who know how to think for themselves, and that is what the Sixth Form at Badminton delivers. Girls in the Sixth Form say how confident and excited they feel to go on to university. Alongside the strong academic preparation they have received at Badminton, they also learn important ‘life stuff’, from how to share a fridge to asking for and offering advice.

The Sixth Form Centre is a cross between
being at school and being at university.

The Sixth Form Centre's large, comfortable common room sees girls catching up on current affairs (a large clutch of newspapers is delivered daily), stilling their minds with some work on communal jigsaws, discussing their latest essay or just curling up on the sofas and enjoying some conversation and coffee.

 The smaller common rooms and ‘brew rooms’ are also a welcome space for friends to meet or individuals to take time out from study. The Centre has computer suites and seminar rooms, and Day Girls have their own study areas for use during free periods and breaks and after school.

 Day Girls and Boarders all make good use of the kitchen with its toaster, oven, fridge, smoothie maker and waffle maker. Sixth Form Boarders have study bedrooms upstairs in the Centre, with rooms sleeping one or two interspersed with ‘brew rooms’ for refreshments. Boarding and Academic staff are always on hand and many live in-house. The Head of Sixth Form and the Higher Ed & Professional Guidance Coordinator both have offices in the Centre and they have an open door policy so that girls can drop in for advice, support or just a chat at any time.


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